Capturing Nature

I spent some time in Darwin recently and I was besotted with the sunsets and the beaches, particularly Casuarina Beach.  It seemed to hold an energy all of its own where I would feel in another place and time to my present reality.

It was warm and delicious and I could walk for kilometres before I realised I had to walk all that way back again 🙂 Most of the time I loved it and the fact that I was getting exercise, staying fit and feeling wonderful was an added bonus.

I have quite a few photos of the Darwin.  Particularly the sunsets, beaches and sunrises.

It is interesting that my last trip there was a very challenging one, probably one of the biggest challenges I have experienced so far in life  for some time.  I felt it very surreal and couldn’t seem to get a grip on reality that I was accustomed to.  I found it very suffocating in the end and had to leave.

Great place to visit when you are in the right space and frame of mind, scary place to be when you are not.






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