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The dark side………..

Welcome to the ‘dark side’ …………..

As, a being of light, playing in the playground they call life, as we know it on Earth. My heart yearns to feel love. unconditional love…..the love she feels when she connects with the universal source.

Seeking that which my soul is familiar with, I step out to play, dipping my toe in places that excite me, seeking stimulation of mind body and spirit.

I know more of who I am, what I want and what I dont want.

I learnt that everything is a choice and there are always many paths one can take. I am ultimately in heart space, however, being human, my ego would sometimes lead.

When you shine the light ……it is no longer dark……………….’

In peace



About Jataia

I am a very spiritual person that is deep and light at the same time :) I am here for a purpose like most of us and am finding this journey very interesting indeed. I love to create, I paint, capture the beauty of mother nature with the camera, sing, dance and love to laugh (very loud) :)


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