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Magic or simple rules of the universe………


Well, I followed my own advice and let go of trying to control, had and have gratitude every day and kept my thoughts on what it is that I want.

I have attracted exactly what fills my heart with joy….in this moment…..in the most perfect way.  It is incredible how life presented me with an opportunity of a life and lifestyle that truly suits me ‘now’.  It created exactly what I asked for and with beautiful extras 🙂

I now live, for a period of time, in a lovely home, with lovely people which allows me to express my nurturing side with the opportunity to play and enjoy children again, enjoy cooking and being in nature.

For what ever it is, I am grateful and I am enjoying the magic 🙂

Letting go, allowing, being grateful and focusing on what it is you want = magic in the most perfect way.  All of life is a journey of experiences and lessons….how we manifest them and receive them will dictate our happiness.



About Jataia

I am a very spiritual person that is deep and light at the same time :) I am here for a purpose like most of us and am finding this journey very interesting indeed. I love to create, I paint, capture the beauty of mother nature with the camera, sing, dance and love to laugh (very loud) :)


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