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2 Years on…………….



Two years since my marriage ended and I must say I have fit a lot in since then and had some amazing times.  I have also had some interesting lessons along the way…..they never seem to end.

For me to survive with a healthy mind, body and spirit I need to keep playing and laughing with a smile on my face 🙂  It is so easy to get caught up in the dramas of life of my own and other peoples.  The challenge is to observe them, sometimes experience them and then let them go.  Then hopefully learn from them too 🙂

There is a positive side to every perceived negative side and I always look for the positive and try to flow through the negative.  As I write this I KNOW that it has not always been that easy.  Sometimes I kick and scream and have periods of pure dissappointment.  I quickly realise that only I can change this and sometimes with the help of loved ones that either guide me back to a more peaceful space or just kick me up the bum and tell me to get back on that horse as I have always done!

I also know that I create my life/happiness and it is up to me to continually seek new challenges that will bring me stimulation, joy and peace.  Being creative is what I lenjoy most, meeting people and discovering new places.  I love the unknown and the road less travelled 🙂

For all the life and challenges I have experienced I can honestly say I love my life and the journey I have been on.  I have experienced so much and even at my age I still have so much energy and love with such a hunger to experience so much more.  I feel like I have had so many lives in one, its amazing!!  I feel I am getting younger not older yet with the wisdom from all that I have learned.  

I feel I am about to go on another journey and I welcome it with open arms and an open heart.

May all your journeys be filled with love and peace and adventures!!! 🙂


In love and light



About Jataia

I am a very spiritual person that is deep and light at the same time :) I am here for a purpose like most of us and am finding this journey very interesting indeed. I love to create, I paint, capture the beauty of mother nature with the camera, sing, dance and love to laugh (very loud) :)


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