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Loving Life………………

It has certainly been an amazing journey this last year, one I will cherish always.  I never realised that I would have so much fun, peace and joy at this stage of my life and single!  I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people and shared some wonderful times with them.  I have learnt to live the duality which is amazing in itself.

I keep getting told that I have way too much energy, especially for someone who is 50!  I keep telling them I am not an age, I am a being with a very healthy spirit and positive outlook on life 🙂

I do honestly feel that my youthfulness and space I am in is from my connection with the light source/God/love,  my perception of life/law of attraction and that I AM always exactly where I am meant to be.  I trust.  I choose to live in a space of love rather than fear.

My constant challenge is to be aware of all that is and to let go of ego. Do no harm!

Every day I become aware of something more about myself.  I feel like I am living these amazing experiences and yet it feels surreal.  Time is flying past.

There is definitely a sense of freedom is being older and wiser.  I am doing some things that I would not have done in the past.  Sometimes, even when I am experiencing these moments, I stop to think for a moment about the logic of it and there is none.  I just know that I am where I am meant to be and with who ever.

Moments have become more profound, purposeful and synchronistic.  I love how I ‘bump’ into certain people and have amazing experiences with them.  There is nearly always a healing for both or all of us.  It feels like there is no time left to waste, every moment is a special one.  The need to wake, heal and be present is so much more profound!  I really do love these magic times.


This is one of my paintings I did for my daughter and son-in-law.  It feels very Native American to me.



About Jataia

I am a very spiritual person that is deep and light at the same time :) I am here for a purpose like most of us and am finding this journey very interesting indeed. I love to create, I paint, capture the beauty of mother nature with the camera, sing, dance and love to laugh (very loud) :)


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