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Hello everyone!

I wish to use this blog space to share stories, thoughts and persceptions about life and other things.  Also to promote my art, photos and workshops. Please free to share 🙂

I personally love to look at my art as I love colour and I am always personally chuffed at what presents itself on the canvas.  Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to do and thats what I get and sometimes its not 🙂

So many times I have started a new painting and I get something completely different to the last one.  I have painted so many different themes from African to Native American, Egyptian, Australian bush, beach and nature.

I started painting a few years ago with only two or three lessons, went home and painted for a solid week!  I would start on one and then have three in progress at once.  I don’t know where it all came from, I was like a woman possessed with creativity and love for what I was doing.

I sold most of them and some of the women that bought them were not sure why they were so drawn in by them yet they knew they wanted them. I could understand as I wasn’t even sure where they came from and I also loved them.  I still keep a few of my old paintings as I can not part with them.

The photos are also of what I see and love.  I see beauty in most things especially mother nature.  I would see a dragonfly go past and be captured in awe with gratification for that moment.  I love dragonflies!  I love the beach, the sunrises and sunsets, trees, insects, animals, anything really 🙂  My most favourite past time is being on the beach or in the bush seeing and capturing what most people miss.

I hope you get some appreciation and joy from my art and the photos and share some stories along the way.

I will also be advertising my workshops very soon 🙂



About Jataia

I am a very spiritual person that is deep and light at the same time :) I am here for a purpose like most of us and am finding this journey very interesting indeed. I love to create, I paint, capture the beauty of mother nature with the camera, sing, dance and love to laugh (very loud) :)


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